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Diversity training in the workplace:
let’s start the conversation

At DARE to DEI, we understand the challenges that businesses owners, managers and HR departments face when it comes to creating an inclusive work culture. Statistics reveal that the drive to promote diversity, equity and inclusion (or DEI) in the workplace is more than a passing trend: it is the way of the future. By 2044, it is projected that the combined groups formerly referred to as "minorities" will reach majority status in the United States. It is, therefore, inevitable that workplaces will diversify more with each passing year. Businesses that do not keep up the pace will be left behind as discerning employees move on to greener (and more inclusive) pastures - and conscious consumers will quickly follow suit. 


Beyond ensuring that employees and board members are happier and more fulfilled in their roles, a company’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion has been proven to increase productivity, build stronger teams and benefit the bottom line. Not convinced? Consider the following statistics:

  • Gender-diverse executive teams are 21% more likely to outperform same-gendered teams in the same industry on profitability and value creation. 

  • A diverse management team has the potential to boost a business’ revenue by as much as 19%.

  • 43% of companies with diverse boards saw higher profits than their non-diverse competitors.

  • Companies with a high diversity of employees are 70% more likely to establish themselves as leaders in new markets. 

  • 3 out of 4 surveyed job seekers said they were more likely to accept a job offer from a company that they felt was serious about diversity. 

Why companies are struggling to implement DEI in the workplace

Despite the obvious social and financial benefits of creating an inclusive workplace, many HR leaders and managers find themselves at a loss when attempting to put these theoretical principles into practice. Some may take the initiative to suggest diversity training, hoping that it will resolve any existing issues and promote a better work culture. Unfortunately, these well-intentioned diversity training programs often achieve the opposite of what they aim to do. Instead of encouraging employees to approach challenging or potentially triggering conversations with sensitivity and purpose, these programs highlight topics that employees associate as taboo and, therefore, intentionally try to avoid in the future. 

It's the conversations that we don't have that kill us.  The conversations that scare us have the most power. If I can teach people the conversational competence to have hard conversations about race and other taboo topics at work, I can change their work environment and they can change the world.” 

- Dethra U. Giles, DARE to DEI founder and DARE Model Creator


How DARE to DEI is facilitating the critical conversations that promote diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace

DARE to DEI is on a mission to provide businesses in every industry with the DEI training, coaching and consulting they need to encourage a more diverse and inclusive work environment. We do this by training managers, board members and employees in the art of conversational competence - a proprietary term that describes the ability to have open and honest conversations about our differences without causing offense or making either party feel attacked or excluded.

We are passionate about DEI because we believe that it is the key to helping employees and companies as a whole to thrive and achieve their true potential. Diverse and inclusive organizations have the power to bring people together, change the nature of work and, in time, change society for the better. 

Are you ready to commit to diversity, equity and inclusion?

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