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A Successful Conversation Begins with a Formula

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Do You Have The Formula

Remember grade school when your teacher was trying to teach you a new concept? The concept was complex and they knew it, so they would give you a formula or tool to make the complex concept easier to remember and successfully apply. You remember PEMDAS or when to use "i" before "e."
Today we are still learning, the problems have become more complex but the teacher has disappeared and so has her provision of formulas.  
Conversations around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion can be difficult but necessary to have. If you are like most people you don't feel prepared to have the conversation. Sure, you have gone to training to learn about DEI but none of those training sessions gave you the formula to take you from the information to a conversation.  Well, the DARE model is your cheat sheet.  
Stay tuned to learn how four words, Describe, Acknowledge, Review and Engage are your cheat sheet to complex conversations about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at work.

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It's the conversations that we don't have that kill us.  The conversations we are afraid of have the most power. If I can teach people the conversational competence to have hard conversations about race and other taboo topics at work, I can change their work environment and they can change the world.

Dethra U. Giles (DARE Model creator)

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