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All it takes to foster an inclusive workplace is the willingness to DARE

Our approach encompasses so much more than just diversity training

Developed by our founder and CEO, Dethra U. Giles, the DARE model is a tool that guides individuals through challenging, triggering or sensitive conversations in the workplace. This proprietary formula walks participants through the process one step at a time, ultimately resulting in an outcome that helps all parties to reach a point of understanding. 

Just like the PEMDAS rule is the shortcut to remember the order of operation in mathematics, or “i” before “e” except after “c” is a spelling formula to help you spell words correctly, DARE is an easy-to-implement formula with real-life applications. The point of the DARE approach is to reduce the adverse impacts of bias in organizations. This conversational toolkit leverages a unique approach that combines interactive discussion, self-reflection and peer driven personal development to help attendees identify their own biases, reflect on them, learn from them and finally try to change them.

The DARE process includes the following aspects:

D- Describe

A- Acknowledge

R- Review

E- Engage

Young Businesswomen

Discover how we can help you to make a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

Let’s uncap the potential of your diverse workforce together

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We offer a selection of diversity, equity and inclusion classes that leverage our DARE model as well as several other schools of thought, such as unconscious bias training and cultural competence training. Choose a class that suits your program and your company's needs - we offer 90-minute talks as well as half-day and full-day classes.



We personally and meticulously guide and coach leaders and their teams through the DEI journey to help them achieve the mindset shift required to create an inclusive work culture. We’ll start with a consultation to assess your needs and learn more about your goals before creating a coaching roadmap that will guide you to the outcomes you want to see. 



Training and coaching are stepping stones in the right direction, but they will not be enough to change how an organization operates in the long run. Only by fully embracing the philosophy of DEI will lasting change come into effect. Our DEI consultants will collaborate with you to identify ways your company can improve its DEI culture across all levels — from customer service to leadership.


DARE to DEI is a movement, not another diversity training program

We are disruptors, pioneers and innovators on a journey to bring lasting change

DEI is about encouraging productive conversation. We want your employees to be able to have thoughtful conversations about diversity, equity and inclusion. This approach starts with our team of instructors, who are all experts in this field. They are passionate about DEI issues and know how to equip their students with the skills necessary to have meaningful discussions about these hot-button issues. 

Instead of outlining a list of taboo topics and no-go conversations, we believe in using the DARE model to empower individuals to go "there". Where is there? There is a place in a conversation where we usually back out because we are afraid of saying what we consider to be the wrong thing. It may be uncomfortable to start with, but we believe that discomfort is fertile soil from which true growth emerges. Everything we do is to guide people out of their comfort zones and past the edge of their biases.

Change is not for the faint of heart, but the rewards are incredible for those who dare to persevere. 

Isn’t it high time you started discussing DEI in the workplace?

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